A Painter and His Wife

We would like to enable everyone to enjoy the world of art at an affordable price, whether it’s an original oil painting, print, pencil or charcoal sketch.

Established in 1974

Tom met Maria in 1973 while she was an exchange student at his high school in Rocky Ford, Colorado. Maria returned to her home in Campinas Brazil to continue her education. After graduation Tom traveled to Brazil where he and Maria were married. Shortly after they returned in 1974 from Brazil, Tom began to paint as a form of relaxation and diversion. Tom has continued painting and selling his works throughout North & South America and today offers original oils, high quality prints of original oil paintings, and sketches.

Tom Chambers

Inspired by the beauty of nature.

Tom Chambers is a self taught artist; he has worked and traveled extensively throughout North and South America.

Tom believes the best responses are found through a collaborative working relationship with clients, fully understanding their requirements and responding to the context of the commission.

Tom hand stretches all of his own canvas or linen for his paintings and hand mixes all of his mediums that are used with the oils paints. This gives him more control and a finer finished product.

Our Process

I will do preliminary reference sketches and composition of the painting for review and revisions. I then begin the process of producing the painting. Most of my work is on gesso primed Canvas or Belgium Linen. Oil paint with damar varnish, stand oil, pure gum turpentine, and cobalt drier is my standard medium.


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